Friday, August 24, 2007


Well, mother nature in all of her glory has blessed our region with rain, rain, rain and more rain. Our basement is the recipient of a rather large portion of these gifts. Since Sunday, we have pumped out over 200 gallons of water, ripped out carpets, moved furniture and moped. It is still coming in. I am so sore. Not really from moving things, but from the shopvac activity. That has been my job. I finally figured out that the noise level could be reduced with ear plugs (how many years of education do I have?) and that if I stand at the bottom of the drainage area and vaccuum, I am likely to be more effective. I also came to understand one important problem with the shopvac. It was not designed by anyone that would ever use it. The thing is cumbersome, it falls apart everytime you have to move more than two feet, and is too short for all but the very small of us. Here is my solution: it should be redesigned to be ridden not pushed or pulled. The riding shopvac. What do you think? Can I retire early?


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